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Since Coronavirus swept across western Europe in February and March and threw that season’s fashion shows into disarray, the industry has been wondering what the future of runways might look like. While the safety of large in-person gatherings was still being questioned, some events were canceled or moved online, raising the question of whether fashion shows might reinvent themselves as purely digital events.

The reaction to the virus has put everyone into shock over the last couple of months. The fashion industry and many others are shocked to find out that Paris Fashion Week is still going through as planned. France’s governing fashion organization, Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM) released a statement saying that they were going to continue as usual with their fashion week in September.

As the industry plans to move digital thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, one significant industry event boldly announced a comeback this week. 

The organizer of Paris Fashion Week, Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, confirmed it is going to hold its Womenswear Spring 2021 show from September 28 to October 6. The event “will comply with the recommendations of public authorities,” the organizer said in a statement, adding that there will also be an official online platform for the show.

Earlier this year, Chinese fashion show guests were stuck at home during the fashion week season when the COVID-19 outbreak erupted in China’s central city of Wuhan. But this time, the situation might be reversed. 

But concurrently, the European Union is considering banning American visitors since the US has failed to control the virus stateside. Paris Fashion Week has surely considered these uncertainties, which is why establishing an online version of the event is a viable backup plan.