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Milan Fashion Week 2016 ! Day 2 Highlights !

Here’s everything you need to know from Day 2 of Milan Fashion Week SS17. Check out yesterday’s action here.

Sunnei Was a Breath of Fresh Air

Sunnei’s Italian casual classics like double-breasted blazers, silk handkerchiefs and chinos were spotted alongside some especially whacky statement pieces. (Tie-dyed jumpsuits! White corduroy field coats! Sleeveless denim overcoats!)

Alongside those far-out experiments there was plenty of easy pieces to make the buyers happy — especially footwear-wise, thanks to some classy tennis-style low-tops and some experimental-looking trainers. Definitely a label to watch out for in the future. Extra points for playing Sisqo’s “Thong Song” during the show’s finale.

Check out Sunnei’s FW16 collection for more Italian-made dopeness.

Prada Ventured to the Great Outdoors

With brogues, coats and luxe canteens (really?) hanging from their vast backpacks, Prada’s models looked like they’d ditched their boring desk jobs to go climb a mountain. Is that some sort of a metaphor for modern living? Knowing Miuccia Prada, there’s probably some overarching message that’s gone completely over my head here. One thing I do know is that a suit jacket styled with carabiners and a climbing belt looks sick.

Prada’s luxe-climbing look was mirrored in the few women’s looks shown, only with more dainty patterns. I have no idea how this is going to resonate with the bankers and Chinese tourist-shoppers that make up the Prada demographic, but purely from a visual standpoint, Prada SS17 was strong.

Moncler Gamme Bleu Also Went Outdoors

Browne sure loves a uniform, and after his army of models ditched their sleeping bags, they trouped around the space in all manners of luxed-out boy scout gear. Safari shirts, field jackets and the like were accompanied by some suiting pieces made from glossy tarpaulin, sort of like a wearable picnic blanket. Pretty much every piece was covered in pockets.

After the show, the bear-headed camp leaders posed for selfies with the show’s guests. Including Big Sean! How adorable.

Much like last season, Moncler Gamme Bleu SS17 raised a lot of questions. How much does all of this cost? What’s the point in it? Who wants to look like a boy scout in the year 2016?

 Moncler has transformed itself from a ski jacket manufacturer into a bonafide luxury giant by angling itself as a fashion label – it turned over three quarters of a billion in 2015 alone. You suspect all this ridiculous posturing is just a way for the brand to tell the world just how directional it is so it can sell more thousand-dollar ski jackets.

Damir Doma Entered the Matrix

Doma’s dystopian theatrics featured a healthy amount of commercial-ish pieces that buyers for niche concept stores would surely love. Baggy bombers and coats with shredded hems were just the right amount of a disheveled statement to really make sense in the post-YEEZY, post-Vetements fashion landscape.

The show’s women’s looks were especially sick — Doma’s ladies looked like some gloomy, sultry goth queens intent on rebuilding society after a nuclear world war. Or something.

Marcelo Burlon Looked to the Underworld

Burlon’s metal-isms — the gothic lettering and ninja star-inspired symbols — all looked like a bit of a prop, especially when you remember that Vetements did pretty much the same thing six months ago. Speaking of Vetements, one look in particular bore such a strong resemblance to Demna Gvasali and co’s aesthetic that it may even hint at a forthcoming collaboration.